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little town

Post  horsechic8690 on Tue Aug 26, 2008 8:58 pm

you go on a plane and go on the wrong plane and is now in little town some people call it the western place everybody you see looks like they
were from the 80's in country style. So the questoin is are you up to it? Will you live here or earn the money and go to where you want.

Well....if you picked live here then fillout this form

{Human form only}
boyfriend or girlfriend?:
pic or descriptoin:

{now time for the animal form}

Pic or descriptoin:
heres my form
{human form}
Name: Taylor Swift
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Girlfriend or boyfriend: Nope but wants a boyfriend
Personalty: you'll see
History: She doesnt want to talk about it
Pic or descriptoin: like Taylor Swift but country style

{animal form}
name:Dallas,lightning, and Mystic,Judgement and her dog Spot
Gender: 4 boys 1 girl Mystic
Age: almost of them are older than 6 years 6 months Mystic is 6 years 6 months
xtra: Mysic is pregnate with judgement and another horse
Pic or descriptoin: Spot is a baby dalmatoin Mystic is a beauitful black horse Dallas is a brown horse Judgement hasnt been born yet lightning is a black horse
What species?: all horses 1 dog

Now before you start Rping ill read over your form and you have to get a Pm saying your accepted.

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