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Hotel Chembrulay

Post  pinkstar5 on Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:20 pm

Welcome to the Hotel Chembrulay!
If I may be of assistance please let me know!

This hotel is on the beach in California. A wonderful little vacation spot with shopping near by. There's also Hollywood, knocking on the door. At night you're lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of waves. In the morning you wake up to the ocean breeze. It's a peaceful vacation spot and there's lots to do. So let's get to it!

Places to go...

Main Lobby - Go here to check in or just sit and talk
Swimming Pool - Come here to swim
Hallways - Go down these to either get your room or got to the conference rooms on the main level
Snack & Ice Machines - Get a snack and some ice!
Continental Breakfast Area - Eat Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner here!
Beach - You know what to do here! Obviously have fun!
Mall & Shops - Go shopping
Hollywood - Come here to either watch filming or get autographs signed
Cinema - Watch a movie

Hello and welcome to the wonderful Hotel Chembrulay Role Play. There are a few rules to follow so I will list those.


1. No romantic contact. [holding hands is fine and hugging I guess, but don't go any farther than that]
2. Please use () when talking outside of rping so no one gets confused
3. If you are going to list pictures of what you're character looks like please be sure they're appropriate
4. Absolutely NO pregnancies
5. Please follow all other role play rules

Now for the form;

Family Form~
Last Name:
Number of members:
Pets [optional]:
Room and Floor:

Individual Form~
Description [pic or writing]:
Likes & Dislikes:

There are rooms and floors. You may pick which room and floor level you'd like to be on and in. This does happen on a first come first served basis. There are 28 floors. There are 350 rooms per floor. xD. A lot I know, but this is a huge hotel! I will also post below this text the family last name and the room and floor levels.

Last Name:Traini
Number Of Members:6
Pets:Jessica and Roland-Jessica is a Golden Retreiver-Roland is a Siamese.
Room and Floor:Room-202-1st Floor.
Name:Robert Traini
Description:He has dark brown hair and Gray-Blue eyes with a hint of very very light blue.He's medium weight and is 5'9".He has tan skin.
Hobbies:Dogs,Soccer and His children
Likes/Dislikes:He likes fruit,vegtables,animals,flute and music.He dislikes bees,spiders,peppermints and butterscotch.
Name:Brianne Traini
Description:She has vanilla blonde hair and Dark Forest Green eyes.She's thin and is 5'2".She has very tan skin.
Hobbies:Animals,Horses and Family
Likes/Dislikes:She likes fruit,vegtables,dancing,singing and music.She dislikes brats,spiders and candy..
Name:Taylor and Stephine Traini
Age:16 and 16
Description:There twins and they have strawberry blonde hair and Green eyes.There thin and are 5'00".They also have light skin.
Hobbies:Dogs,Cats,Horses and Homework
Likes/Dislikes:There likes are school,homework and summer.The dislikes are peppermint and cucumber.
Name:Lilly Traini
Description:Electric blonde hair and Hazel eyes.She's thin and is 4'00".
Hobbies:Webkinz and Dogs
Likes and Dislikes:She likes the computer,school and TV.She dislikes sparkles and snobs.
Name:Chad Traini
Description:Chocolate brown hair and Gray-Green eyes.He's medium weight and 3'2".
Hobbies:Webkinz and Friends
Likes/Dislikes:He likes peppermint and breakfast.He dislikes music and money.

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